Hot guy? Post them on

October 6, 2011 2:21:39 PM PDT
Have you ever had someone catch your eye while riding the subway?

Now there's a way to share that crush with the world, by posting a photo online and even having others comment on it.

But does it go too far when it comes to privacy?

Men, imagine you are on the subway.

You just worked out and you're feeling good.

And suddenly, someone snaps your picture on their smartphone.

Wait, there's more.

They post the picture on a website for "hot guys".

Do you have a problem with that?

Well it turns out that 'highlighting a man's attractiveness' is exactly the purpose of

It's a website started by some men in England who first created a similar and popular website featuring photos from the London underground.

Kaufman says men who don't want to appear on the website can ask to have their photo taken offline.

Nonetheless, some straphangers told Eyewitness News they're not comfortable with the idea., at least right now, features only pictures of men.

The website co-creators say that they're currently working on a version featuring women.