Hawks attacking people at Fairfield school

January 24, 2012 2:39:53 PM PST
A pair of hawks is terrorizing people at a school in Fairfield when they apparently walk too close to their nest.

"I really thought someone was in a tree and had dropped a cinderblock on my head," said Elizabeth Cross, a Fairfield resident.

It was a hawk, and now there are two that are playing an unnerving game of cat and mouse with people at Fairfield/Ludlowe High School.

Elizabeth Cross was attacked December 23rd, and was hit with such force; she was knocked off of her bicycle.

"I had claw marks on my head, a mild concussion, I felt had it grabbed hold of my ear or come at my face, I wouldn't be as relaxed about it right now," Cross said.

She's not the first, minutes before, Tyler watched as the feisty feathered birds with razor sharp talons, zeroed in on a student.

"It tried to grab the girl's head, she like dropped to the ground and it flew away on her," said Tyler Lemieux, a student.

There has been one other close encounter, just last week.

The hawks, it's not clear if they are red shouldered or red tailed, strike without being provoked.

School officials have notified parents, wildlife experts have now located what they believe is the hawk's nest and hoping to move this bundle of branches to a safe location away from everyone.

"We don't believe there's any imminent threat or immediate danger to students, if we just stay away from the tree and be aware of our surroundings," said Deputy Chief Chris Lyddy, Fairfield Police Department.

But some aren't so keen on the idea of relocating the Hawks, which are protected species.

"I worry about the hawks, but am more worried about their well being, if they want to move their nest, that's definitely going to affect them in some way," said Cassandra Condon, a student.

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