Woman claims movers asked for sexual favors

May 10, 2012 2:21:23 PM PDT
A moving mess as a moving company is under investigation for giving low estimates, holding peoples belongings hostage and even asking for sexual favors in exchange for a lower price.

"Do you feel like you were an easy target for them... Yes definitely," One suspected victim answers.

Hiliary isn't using her last name because she is still shaken.

Last year she was moving from Summit to Morristown. She had a new job and needed a moving company and like so many these days, she found one on the internet, Progessive Movers.

She got a quote of $210 in writing.

Once at her new place, she says the movers stayed in the truck for 45 minutes.

"So they come out provide me the paperwork and tell me that I owe them 1100 dollars in cash," she said.

$600 added on to walk up three stairs and an inflated travel time.

When she protested, one of the three male movers said "So the only way we will give you the $210 is if you sleep with me and the foreman".

Stunned, disgusted and scared she says he continued.

"He's like so you gonna take us up on our offer? I said no here is your cash now get out of here," she adds.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs says they've heard this before. "It's not the first time we've seen it but this is one of the worst we've seen," said Eric Kanefsky.

Kanefsky says Progressive Movers has almost 90 complaints against them. Mostly for the bait and switch tactic, so he took them to court to shut them down.

The moving company couldn't be found anywhere.

A call to the company's attorney went unreturned

Back at Hiliary's new home, she estimates she lost $300-$400,000 worth of stuff in the move. Some of it broken, much of it never delivered.

A year later, and a little wiser she offers this advice learn from her.

"Even if it's a simple Google search you can find a lot of information on companies out there which I unfortunately discovered retrospectively instead of proactively before my move," she said.

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