Students say teacher captured on video kissing student

May 31, 2012 11:31:24 AM PDT
Yet another New York City public school teacher in hot water for alleged inappropriate behavior.

Some are saying she was caught on camera in a passionate kiss with one of her students.

Despite the video, the teacher says it is not her.

They look like the typical young couple showing affection in a park downtown, except witnesses say she is 26-year-old high school teacher Julie Warning and he is her 18 year-old student, Eric Arty and the students putting out this video say they were shocked.

They say they saw their classmate and teacher strolling 10 blocks before hugging and kissing and so they followed them.

The students from Manhattan Theater Lab High School on the Upper West Side, who gave Eyewitness News the video asked us to protect their identity.

Both Warning and Arty reportedly deny that it is her in the pictures, but today classmates say he was not at school and the Chancellor says she was not allowed back at the school, and the city is investigating.

"It's my understanding that today, she did not show up to her re-assignmnent center," he said.

Because he is 18, her behavior is more improper than illegal, but the teacher could still lose her job.

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