Couple battles photographer for wedding album

Seven On Your Side
September 21, 2012 8:00:02 PM PDT
Imagine hiring an experienced photographer to capture your dream wedding and paying for his services up front.

And not just that, picking up his travel, hotel and meals, only to be empty handed two years later.

"We're right there! We're the first one you see," Joy Altimare said.

It was the happiest day of their life, but in order to relive it, all Joy and Frank Altimare say they can do is catch a glimpse of a few pictures online.

"These are the pictures we do not have, that's our wedding!" Joy Altimare said.

Their wedding photos are on a website promoting photographer Rob Munroe's work, but two years after he took them, the couple is still battling him for the wedding album they paid him big bucks to deliver.

"So we paid him a little close to $6,000" Joy Altimare said.

Their destination wedding was in Jamaica so they paid for his plane ticket, room and board.

"I think for us we are really just disappointed and not only in him, the experience," Joy Altimare said.

"He just kind of dropped the ball at the end," Frank Altimare said.

The Altimare's say all they're getting is excuses.

It's a surprise because Munroe snapped these engagement photos and delivered them without a hitch. Now they feel left in the dark.

"I wish he would just communicate with us and say maybe he went out of business, I don't know maybe he's having issues," Joy Altimare said.

Munroe seemed on top of the world after getting a personal grooming and home make-over on a popular cable TV show.

He even got tips on how to run his business, but that advice isn't helping the no-longer newlyweds collect.

"If you don't have the album just give us our money back, that's all we want," Joy Altimare said.

7 On Your Side got in contact with the photographer by phone.

He blamed delays on the couple for making changes.

Munroe also claims he gave the Altimare's their raw photos on a zip drive, but they say all they have for memories are snapshots from pals.

"We have all the great pictures our friends took from our wedding," Joy Altimare said.

"So you basically have nothing?" Nina Pineda asked.

"We have nothing," Joy Altimare responded.

The couple has a February date with Munroe before a small claims court judge.

Munroe told 7 On Your Side says he actually has the couples finished album but doesn't want to hand it over until they all meet in court.

7 On Your Side asked the photographer for a picture proving he had it but he refused.



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