Smokey Robinson providing fresh water around world

September 24, 2012 2:03:55 PM PDT
He has captivated audiences for nearly six decades and now Smokey Robinson is using his star power to make sure people around the world, have access to clean drinking water.

The entertainer's newest venture called "smoke alarm", relies exclusively on social media.

He stopped by Eyewitness News and laid it all out and how his high profile celebrity friends are helping out.

"There are many places in the world where people have to give their kids contaminated water because there's nothing other than that to drink," said Robinson.

The numbers are staggering, nearly 4000 kids die each day because they don't have access to clean water, but Robinson vows to change that, with help from some heavy hitters.

President Bill Clinton is on board, spreading the word about Robinson's latest initiative, called smoke alarm, which relies on Twitter and Facebook.

"He was apart of we are the world, this is like we are the digital world, it takes somebody like Smokey, who's got that historical anchor to take us to the future," said David Clark, with

At, Robinson sits side by side with some of his celebrity friends, who are a key part of this initiative.

Several times a year, he will reach out to them, asking them to let you know about a particular clean water project on his radar.

"The action is going to be simple and seemless so when you get this tweet or post, you will be immediately able to donate and the idea is, if you donate 10 dollars, you're going to make sure a child gets clean water for a year," adds Clark.

The final piece to this puzzle, as Robinson explains, proctor and gamble's water purification packets, which will be delivered to those commutes in need.

For this grandfather of 8, not helping kids was not an option.

"I'm an advocate for anything that's going to benefit them, they're our future," he adds.,

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