State Senator proposes solution to future gas shortages

November 5, 2012 12:28:32 PM PST
One week after Hurricane Sandy hit and there is still no easing of the gas crunch.

Long lines remain the norm, many stations remain closed.

And the price gouging continues. On Craigs List, we found gas selling at five-six times normal costs. Five gallons going for $120 dollars or one gallon for $20 dollars.

And, late Monday, the Mayor still felt it necessary to deploy force to keep peace at the pumps:

"You should know that we have posted a police officer at every open gas station in the city to keep order and to encourage gas station owners to remain open," he said.

In the hours after the storm, Hess gas stations in and around the city were the only game in town for fuel because they had backup generators.

Now, a state lawmaker is proposing that all New York gas stations do the same. His bill would require electric generators on site to weather storm-related power outages.

Not only would generators have to power gasoline but also payments to make sure people if they don't have cash can still access gasoline and be on their way," said State Senator David Carlucci.

Terminal operators say the long lines have mostly been an issue of electricity generation and not one of supply.

The huge tank terminals were filled when Sandy hit, but they lost power needed to fill the trucks. Under the new law terminals will be required to have backup generators too.

"This would have been very different because we would have had much shorter lines. We would have been able to calm the traffic in the streets and also peoples tensions," adds Sen. Carlucci.

Those waiting in line for gas urged quick passage of the generator law.

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