A primal workout

January 7, 2013 2:47:10 PM PST
It definitely is not your traditional workout. It's rather a beastly kind.

Leading this pack of animals is Kira Stokes, the creator of Stoked Primal.

During this 30 minute workout you mimic the moves of animals like a frog.

Others have copied the class at Reebok Sports Club, but this is the original.

"Crawling is not just about crawling, it's about engaging your back, your shoulders, your triceps," Stokes said. "It's kind of stripping fitness down to the bare bones. They're not traditional movements that you would do with your body so you sort of wake up this muscles in a sense."

You use only your body weight as a tool, pushing and pulling it in all directions.

"You get the body moving in all directions, thins will shift, fat will shift calories will be burned and your body just gets stronger and leaner," Stokes said.

Kira's Stoked series includes 8 classes of fitness routines that challenge every muscle in your body.

You can burn around 350 calories, and that's in just 30 minutes. The Komodo Dragon does the trick and the alligator is mind-boggling, but at first you should take baby steps, which eventually turn into ones that look like a black cat.

"Maybe you only made it halfway across the room during the first week and you knew you got 3/4's of the way the second week, so to see that progress, it keeps people coming back and keeps them committed," Stokes said.

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