Traffic officer helps deliver baby boy at home

February 18, 2013 8:11:26 PM PST
A woman outside her apartment complex in New Jersey suddenly went into labor.

Fortunately, her high pitched screams caught the attention of a Fort Lee traffic cop.

But this officer had no idea what he was about to get himself into.

"My water broke right here," described Ekaterina Ortiz, the mother. "I was very scared. I thought I'm not going to make it."

So Ekaterina and Jeffrey Ortiz quickly grabbed their bags and called their doctor, but there just wasn't enough time to get to the hospital.

"I was screaming. I cannot even recognize my voice. Baby was already coming out," Ekaterina Ortiz said.

Fort Lee Officer Brett Howard was doing off duty work just feet away from the Ortiz home.

"I heard these screams for help. I went to investigate and I saw a male carrying his female into an apartment," Officer Howard said.

"I said to him, 'We're having a baby' and he said, 'we're having a baby'" said Jeffrey Ortiz, the father.

Together, Officer Howard and Jeffrey Ortiz delivered baby Nicholas on the apartment floor.

Seconds later, paramedics arrived.

"When he was in my arms for the first time, I knew he was going to be OK. And when I looked at mom, I knew she would be OK," Jeffrey Ortiz said.

Nicholas is a healthy 8 pound boy.

His big brothers are thanking Officer Howard for bringing him into the world.

"They did good and the police did good," said George Ortiz, the baby's brother.

"I love that guy. I felt confident with him. He was an angel on our shoulders," Jeffrey Ortiz said.

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