Agent describes grisly talk 'cannibal cop' trial

February 26, 2013 3:11:23 PM PST
The trial of a New York City police officer accused of conspiring to kill and eat women has taken a grisly turn as an FBI agent testified about the writings of men who say they are hungry for human flesh.

Getting to the heart of their case, prosecutors called FBI special agent Corey Walsh, who revealed in shocking detail email messages and electronic exchanges.

The government claims they are between NYPD Officer Gill Valle and several other people.

On Valle's computer, "We found file folders of 89 women" the agent testified.

And along with that he said there was thousands of email conversations between Valle and at least two dozen other individuals he says were seeking to kidnap, kill and cannibalize women.

In one exchange the agent testifies, that Valle writes: "She's 5'5'', 115 pounds nice, slender build. Takes good care of herself. She's a teacher. I can kidnap her."

The person says he wants her as a sex slave before he plans to kill her, the agent reads.

In one startling exchange, this between "mahl52" who the agent identifies as Gill Valle and another called "moody blues", he reads:

"mhal52: Kimberly would be easy to get, she's petite. She's single. Very very sweet."

"moody blues: how would you like to prepare her?

"moody blues: how big is your oven?"

"mhal52: big enough if I folded her legs."

This woman, the agent testifies is a real person, Kimberly Sauer, a college classmate of Valle's who earlier was called to testify.

She said she once received a disturbing facebook message from Valle's wife.

She says she then alerted him that the account might have been hacked or "either you're trying to sell me into white slavery." She remembered joking.

But she later admitted to Valle's defense attorney that she never felt threatened by him.

The defense claims this was all fantasy.

But the FBI agent told the jury of more exchanges.

When Valle, he testifies, is again asked if his oven is big enough he read: "mhal52: it's big enough if they are trussed up."

"meatmarketman: I really want her to suffer. I want to cook her right away."

"mhal52: Maybe we'll tie her to a rotisserie and cook her alive. We will stuff an apple in her mouth."

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