Arrest linked to 'cannibal cop' trial

February 28, 2013 3:21:45 PM PST
As if this trial didn't have enough bizarre events unfold in the first several days, now comes this latest arrest with ties to the NYPD officer on trial.

Officer Gill Valle, who prosecutors claim conspired to kidnap, torture, kill and cook women he knew, often traded grizzly chats and emails with a person known as "moody blues", also known as "meatmarketman".

One exchange coming out in testimony:

"meatmarketman: I really want her to suffer. I want to cook her right away."

"mhal52: Maybe we'll tie her to a rotisserie and cook her alive. We will stuff an apple in her mouth."

Now "moody blues" law enforcement sources tell Eyewitness News, has been arrested by British police, reportedly on pornographic charges. Another man was also reportedly picked up outside London.

It is also not clear how if any the arrest of "moody blue's" could affect Officer Valle's ongoing trial in federal court.

Turning defensive in their cross examination of a key government witness, attorneys for Officer Valle again tried to reinforce their theory that his actions were a fantasy fueled fetish.

In one post Valle, known as "mhal52" wrote: "And if you were wondering its all fantasy. I just enjoy pushing the envelope a bit."

That pushed FBI special agent Corey Walsh, as defense attorney Robert Baum brought to light this attachment in one of the emails, showing a picture of who was identified as a college friend who prosecutors claim was one of Officer Valle's potential targets.

He pointed out that none of the personal information about her was real or correct, and the agent agreed.

And of the list of items needed to kidnap her Baum asked, "You never found any chloroform?

Agent: No

Baum: You never found any rope?

Agent: No

Baum: You never found any duct tape?

Agent: No

Baum: But these were discussed in the fantasy chats?

Agent: I do recall that.

Butut prosecutors contend Valle was intent on conspiring to kidnap kill and cook women he knew including his wife, Kathleen, who testified against him at the start of his trial on conspiracy charges.

They claim these chats with "moody blues" are no fantasy.

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