Neglected dog expected to be released from hospital

March 5, 2013 8:51:44 AM PST
A dog that hadn't eaten in approximately 3 weeks is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday.

The vet says the dog who originally was only given months to live has made a remarkable recovery and is expected to live longer.

The dog will go home with one of her rescuers from the hospital.

The dog, Queenie had given a whole new meaning to skin and bones.

Police say It appears that Queenie's owner starved her for at least the last three weeks.

The animal rescue group Guardians of Rescue found her in Ferbruary, only a day or two away from death.

The owner's estranged wife called them to the house.

She had discovered Queenie in a locked room.

"She was lifeless she was totally lifeless she had given up hope," said Robert Misseri.

Queenie is now recovering at Grady Animal Hospital in Sayville and is responding well , walking around and enjoying the sun and people's company.

"In my 20 years of practice she's the worst I've seen alive and in person and she's now gone into renal failure kidney failure from being starved," said Mark Caporaso.

The Suffolk SPCA is investigating whether charges should be filed against the owner.

"We need to get all our facts and figure out the circumstances that led the dog to be left in this condition," said Paul Liobell, with Suffolk SPCA.

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