Water for dogs

March 11, 2013 2:45:27 PM PDT
Baby Jazz has had a tough road. She's a rescue dog and had double hip surgery, but water is her therapy.

It is an underwater treadmill at water for dogs in TriBeCa where dogs come for treatment and relief.

From the treadmill it's to the pool where Jean Marie Cooper continues the therapy, working on larger movements.

"The resistance will build muscle mass and strength," she explained.

That's how Sophie got her start. She had a knee problem, but now she's just here to swim with mom sue in tow.

They're here every week for 30 minutes. Sophie is clearly a water lover, but not all dogs are.

Gigi is a little more reluctant to dive in. She's still a puppy and her doting parents are giving her swim lessons. Not all dogs can swim.

"They know how to paddle, but they don't intuitively know how to balance all the way," Jessica Jacobson said.

Jacobson offers lessons. Getting the front paws to work with the back paws is a start.

"It's not just teaching them to swim but how to socialize for confidence," she said.

To learn more, please visit www.water4dogs.com