Female officer pushed down stairs by suspect

March 15, 2013 8:12:23 PM PDT
A female NYPD officer was injured during a domestic violence home visit at the Ravenswood Houses.

They came from everywhere; NYPD officers trying to reach another officer in trouble.

A domestic violence unit following up on a call, according to officials encountered a suspect whose sister they say had taken out a restraining order against him.

In a hallway, police say, they were about to arrest the man, a struggle ensued and one officer was pushed down a stairway.

Ambulances rush to the scene along with even more officers.

But suddenly half dozen detectives ran from the building into the court yard in pursuit of the suspect who had bolted from the building.

Overhead, a helicopter also began tracking his movements through the large complex.

And then, strapped to a gurney, the injured female officer was brought out by paramedics who rushed her to a waiting ambulance.

Eyewitness News has learned she was taken to Elmhurst Hospital with a broken leg.

She is listed in stable condition.

The search at this point began to intensify as emergency services officers were also brought in, one was leading a dog.

On the rooftop of a nearby building on the north side, officers were also searching where the suspect had been spotted.

Several officers then lifted the police dog over a rooftop fence to help search another part of the area.

Below as a crowd began to gather outside one building, the suspect suddenly emerged brought out in handcuffs and was led into another building.

Outside, the larger crowd began forming, angered they say by the large police presence.

And then in an unusual scene as the suspect is led out by police that vocal crowd began chanting his name.

"Jose, Jose, Jose," the crowd chanted, "You're a hero Jose."