Brothers' babies born at same time, same hospital

April 3, 2013 3:19:15 PM PDT
Two brothers became fathers at the same time, what are the odds?

Their wives gave birth within an hour of each other at the same hospital on Long Island.

"I'm excited. I can't even describe it," said David Pereira, new father.

As if David Pereira wouldn't be excited enough about the birth of his first child, Gwyneth, it's the fact that his younger brother's wife gave birth only about 45 minutes before both at Winthrop Hospital.

"Beth and I came here this morning not knowing they were here. So I sent my brother a text message saying we were in the hospital and he tells me they were already here for a couple of hours," Nicholas Pereira said.

"You know, late last night we thought I may be in labor. 'Ask Dave how Claudia's doing' just in case," said Elizabeth Pereira, new mom.

Gwyneth came a day early.

Her cousin, Nathaniel, arrived nine days early.

The couples now think back to the conversation they had when they first realized they were pregnant at the same time.

They thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if the babies were born the same day?" And that's just what happened.

It certainly was easy for the couples to visit each other after the births because they were just right down the hall from one another.

"It was fantastic back and forth," Pereira said.

Although it seems like Claudia and Beth had passed through the same room at one point.

"Before I was admitted into a triage room to make sure I actually was in labor, it turns out that Beth had come into the same room later," said Claudia Pereira, new mom.

Dr. Seth Plancher says he's never seen this before.

"Coincidentally, on Friday and Saturday I delivered a set of sisters and that's never happened before so I think we're running a family special this week," said Dr. Seth Plancher, of Winthrop University Hospital.

It certainly made for a beautiful first family picture all together.