Pit bull attack forces police to open fire

April 6, 2013 8:37:52 PM PDT
On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Schmul Park on Staten Island was flooded with police and investigators - all because officers shot at three dogs to try to stop an attack from happening.

One of the dogs had bitten a person's hand. Eyewitnesses say that the animal was a pit bull, and several people tell Eyewitness News that they heard between three and four shots.

It is unclear if an officer's bullets killed one of the dogs, or if the dog succumbed from the wounds suffered in the fight.

One Eyewitness stated that everyone in the park usually has their dog on a leash, and that you never usually see dogs running around.

Police say the shots were fired in a remote wooded area near Freshkills Park, and no one was in danger of getting hit by the bullets.