Exclusive: Victim in hot oil attack speaks to Eyewitness News

April 12, 2013 1:26:01 PM PDT
It is nearly two weeks since Terri Thompson awoke to searing hot oil being poured over her body. That act of domestic violence has probably left her disfigured for life. She has bravely decided to talk to Eyewitness News so that someone might recognize her attacker and call police. If you would like to help Terri Thompson, a fund has been set up to help with her recovery:
Terri Thompson
Wells Fargo Bank
444 Union Avenue
Middlesex, NJ 08846

The 32 year-old mother of two knows she may never look the same again. Her beauty destroyed by her former husband who's now a fugitive on the run accused of pouring a pot of boiling oil on Terri Thompson as she slept.


"While I was sleeping, I woke up feeling hot liquid all over me and he was standing next to me with the pot and I went on my knees and held my head down because I wanted it to run off my head without going in my eyes. Then he started beating on the right side of my head with the pot," said Thompson.

From her hospital bed in a New Jersey Burn Unit, Ms. Thompson told Eyewitness News' Jim Hoffer she had recently agreed to allow her ex-husband to stay at her apartment until he found a job. She says the hot oil and the beating were punishment for refusing his sexual advances.

Terri Thompson: "The way he reacted that night I was shocked."
Hoffer: Did you ever think he was capable of this?
Terri Thompson "I would have never thought he would have done that. I never thought he would have gone that far."
Hoffer: What have they told you about the extent of your injuries?
Terri Thompson: "I have 3rd degree burns on my left arm and certain sections of my face. My back is also burned and right arm has 2nd degree burns and my chest."

She says it is hard some days to bear the physical pain and the emotional scars may never heal.

"I feel I look like a monster. I don't like looking in the mirror anymore. I'm paranoid. Sometimes I fear he's going to walk through the doors. she adds.

Irvington Police aren't saying much about their attempts to find Byron Stokely whom recently worked as a security guard at the Prudential Center in Newark. He's now wanted for aggravated assault but Thompson believes he tried to kill her and fears he may try it again:

"I fear that he's out there and I'm still alive. What do you fear? Scared he will come back and try to do something to me."

Thompson does not have insurance and has set up a fund for people to donate to help with her recovery:

Terri Thompson
Wells Fargo Bank
444 Union Avenue
Middlesex, NJ 08846


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