Hot weather brings out mold from Sandy

May 31, 2013 1:28:26 PM PDT
Hazy, hot, and humid and it's that weather that now brings out in some areas the worst of what Superstorm Sandy left behind.

"You can see there are, like this fuzzy stuff over here. It's even here, all these little black dots," said Michael Taylor, of We Care New York.

Its mold that Michael Taylor believes is a serious problem still in many homes like this one in Gerritsen Beach more than seven months after flood waters receded.

He heads "We Care New York", a not for profit trying to help victims with the mold and other problems.

"People are living in unhealthy homes. And with all different justifications and excuses and the core of everything is money," Taylor said.

Some may not be able to afford the cleanup. Others found themselves overwhelmed by the damage.

"The last thing I wanted to do was deal with that," said Cherie Lang, a homeowner.

Cherie Lang's father-in-law in his home on an inlet had to have mold treated. She did too.

"We were able to get most of the mold out on its own," Lang said.

"We really should find a way to check and test all these homes," Taylor said.

One program identifying mold and helping homeowners is "Neighborhood Revitalization NYC". This team is one of 11 licensed contractors, cleaning mold in Matthew Lyons basement in Far Rockaway.

There is money to help up to 2,000 homeowners.

"You can come to our program, which does it for free. And they apply. We treat them for the mold. We come back and inspect to make sure it doesn't come back," said Nick Charles, Director of Communications.

The program also hopes to identify the scope of the problem.

"I would call the city program. I'm right in the middle of it. Today is day one. It looks like it's going to be good," said Matthew Lyons, a homeowner.

Good so that he and others can be rid of Sandy's mold once and for all.

Neighborhood Revitalization NYC Mold Treatment Program

To apply for free mold cleanup people can call 1-855-740-6653 or NYC's 311.

For more Sandy help for mold and other problems please visit: