Would-be bank robber thwarted by candy dish

June 6, 2013 2:32:49 PM PDT
It turns out the candy bowl at a local bank did more than just hold sweets, it also stopped a would-be bank robber.

A customer overheard a robbery taking place and used the candy bowl to clunk the bandit over the head.

All Anthony Farrington wanted to do Tuesday afternoon, was cash his paycheck at the Chase Bank on Broadway in Bayonne.

But the day took a turn, when he saw a man inside, who was hard to miss.

"Hat, bandana, thought he was sick," Farrington said, "He asked for the money."

Farrington stepped up without missing a beat.

"I hit him with the dish, banged his head," Farrington said.

Police arrested Bayonne resident Brian Campbell. And say, on top of trying to rob the bank, he pretended to have a gun, and that made the attempt, that much worse on him.

"It's not just attempted robbery, it gets bumped to 1st degree because he acted like he had one," said Captain Walter Rogers, Bayonne Police.

You can barely go anywhere in Bayonne without someone knowing about Farrington's save. His family couldn't be prouder.

"It took a lot of nerve. I'm proud of him, everybody is," Farrington's aunt said.

Captain Rogers says he will be recommending Farrington for a citizen's award.

Campbell is in jail on $150,000 cash bail.