Up Close: New York City Schools

June 9, 2013 8:54:50 AM PDT
In November, New Yorkers will elect their new mayor, and soon afterwards we will likely have a new schools chancellor.

Both will have to deal with the newly re-elected teachers union president Mike Mulgrew.

The union president has had some heated battles with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and hasn't always won.

Their most recent tiff was over a new teacher evaluation paln.

The United Federation of Teachers is now counting on its membership to help elect the next mayor, who will be able to make changes to the state's evaluation plan.

Joining us is New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, to discuss what lies ahead for the city's school system.

Also this week, a bit of New Jersey politics.

Governor Chris Christie named an interim U.S. Senator to fill the seat vacated by the late Senator Frank Lautenberg, at least until the special election in October.

As expected, the governor picked a Republican, New Jersey Attorney General Jeff Chiesa.

With us to talk about the governor's choice and the decision to hold a special election is former New Jersey Governor and State Senator Richard Codey.

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