Dollar pizza signs throughout New York City

June 11, 2013 2:03:43 PM PDT
Pizza makes us smile, but dollar pizza?

Signs are cropping up everywhere around New York City.

Scott Wiener leads pizza tours and is an expert, a pizzaologist.

He gives tours all over the city but says the best dollar slice ias at Percy's at Bleeker and MacDougal.

Crazy economic law been around for decades which dictates there is a correlation between the cost of a slice and the cost of a ride on the subway. Not anymore.

Those one dollar slices are pulling the average down and what about quality?

"I was shocked. People will walk right by a great pizza place to buy a piece of for $1.50 less," said Chris Edwards.

Chris is making a documentary about this dollar pizza phenomenon. Over lunch he said a slice here used to cost $4 a slice -- before the dip to a buck. It's all about volume.

Everyone though agrees that life is too short to eat 'bad' pizza.