Fête Paradiso brings antique carnival rides to NYC

July 10, 2013 2:34:34 PM PDT
The world's first festival of old carnival rides and carousels is about to make its debut in American and right here in our area.

The rides are all really old, some more than 150 years old and they're all from France.

They'll be open to the public on weekends on Governors Island.

It's the sound that brings you right back to the amusement park, but the rides getting set up are truly originals.

They are among the first carousels ever made and they're all from France where carousels got their start.

"It was the first social network where people meet each other, it was the way to party," said Tristan Duval,

Tristan Duval had the idea to bring the French carnival to America.

He calls it Fête Paradiso or Party Paradise. The location of Governors Island is fitting.

"Everything is old here, you have the spirit of New York but with the calm of Europe and old time," Duval said.

And back when carousels started they were only for adults.

Eventually, child-size versions were made.

One made of bicycles would make Mayor Bloomberg happy.

You're even encouraged to pedal.

There are swings, a dragon ride, games, a pipe organ, and of course food.

"We're standing in a 1900 bumper ride car which we have been converting into a dining room," said Robert Arbor, of Fête Paradiso.

It's where steak frites, crepes and mussels will be served.

And you'll feel like you're going back in time.

"It's not only an event for kids, it's also for adults to have another point of view of a century ago," Duval said.

It's free to go to Fête Paradiso, but it is $3 to ride each ride.

It opens Saturday which is Bastille Day.

For more information please visit: http://www.feteparadiso.com/