Couple in their 90's get married at doughnut shop

September 28, 2013 7:37:07 AM PDT
Two love birds in their 90's are on their honeymoon, after a whirlwind wedding.

Gladys Salley says her guy drives like he's 50, and that's a compliment.

Salley and Andy Nilles are now married. She's 90 and he's 93.

Nilles drives a maroon '07 Chevrolet HHR and that's what caught her eye. Not many residents of their Washington state retirement community still drive. So, Nilles is a popular guy.

"I actually introduced Gladys and Andy cause she didn't have a ride somewhere and I said I bet Andy will do it.," said a friend, Betty Handly.

The pair got hitched at their favorite doughnut shop, Cock-a-Doodle Doughnuts in Port Angeles. The manager tells the Peninsula Daily News it's the first wedding they've hosted.

Friends say they knew the two were getting serious when they ditched their walker and cane and began leaning on each other.

Gladys never thought she'd marry again, but after morning walks to McDonald's and trips to the doughnut shop, they knew they were right for each other.

After the honeymoon, Andy is moving up two floors into Gladys's place. He says, after all, the third floor is closer to heaven.

Andy was considered quite the catch at their apartment complex for seniors.

"There was a lot of em after me, I'll have to admit that," he said.

But he knew this was a perfect match.

"My phone takes the same charger as hers does and hers is from clear back in Louisiana and mine is from out here so we figured if the phones got together, we will just get together," Nilles said.