Riverside Park stabbing suspect charged with attempted murder

October 10, 2013 5:41:38 AM PDT
The man accused of slashing five people with scissors during a rampage on a popular Manhattan bike path has been arraigned on assault and attempted murder charges.

Julius Graham appeared on video from a hospital for his court appearance Wednesday. He's being held without bail.

The slashing spree beganaround 8 a.m. on October 1 in Riverside Park.

The victims included a man and his 18-month-old toddler Luke, who was in a stroller. Also injured were two female joggers and a man walking his dog.

Authorities say the 43-year-old Texas native had been living in a Bronx homeless shelter. He has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

The father who was slashed while protecting his son spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News.

"As soon as I'm up to, it we'll be back in the park," dad James Fayette said. "It was crazy one-time event."

He did his best to protect Luke from the 43-year-old Graham who managed to slash both before Fayette and a Good Samaritan were able to subdue him.

"Protecting my son, it's something any dad would do," Fayette said. "Luke's upstairs, being a little boy."

Fayette was slashed in the chest, while Luke suffered a slash wound to his arm.

The other victims were identified as 36-year-old Deanne Koestel, 36-year-old Ben Lohnen and 32-year-old Jessica Lipps.