Brooklyn stores targeted in armed robbery spree

Matt Kozar reports from Sheepshead Bay
November 26, 2013 5:16:33 AM PST
There's new video of an armed robbery spree in Brooklyn.

Police are looking for two men who've pulled off, or tried to pull off, at least five robberies.

Cameras were recording as suspect and shopkeeper fought at the front door. It was a struggle that ended only when a police car drove by, and the armed assailant walked away.

"First time, second time, third time, it's the same thing," said Hamdi Ali, store owner.

But you can imagine how frustrating this must be for Hamdi Ali who owns A&H Grocery with his brother Fawzi.

Somehow they have fallen victim to the same guy three times in less than two months.

Sunday night's incident started when an alleged accomplice walked in and bought a Red Bull to see if the coast was clear.

After he left, Hamdi sat watching his security monitor and saw a familiar figure approach.

"When I see him I run to the door to close the door right away," Hamdi Ali said.

"We work like almost more than 12 hours, 14 hours a day," said Fawzi Ali, "And he think like, we make money, we're doing this only for living. And he come grab my money like that and he walk away."

In the past robberies, he's made off with more than a thousand dollars in cash and cigarettes.

He's also hit two other stores in Sheepshead Bay, one a few blocks up Ocean Avenue.

But when it comes to the Ali brothers, you might call them the least lucky shopkeepers around.

They disagree, for one simple reason.

"Thank God we (are) still alive you know?" Hamdi Ali said.