Coyote caper in the Bronx

Dray Clark has the story.
December 12, 2013 3:18:15 PM PST
Everyone wanted a picture, but from a distance, those soft light eyes and clean coat made the coyote look like a family friendly pet.

Then you remember this is a wild animal with sharp teeth, a big bite, and an angry temper if you get too close.

"I saw him near the lake and I was trying to get away from him because he was going wild jumping and everything," said Clayton Laury, a witness.

Clayton Laury says he knew it wasn't a dog.

But he had to ask himself, how did a coyote end up in the Bronx with all of the people, the buildings, and the traffic?

He had to be one cool coyote to make it to Crotona Park.

"Wildlife is coming to New York. It's about to be the country again," Laury said.

The NYPD started looking for the animal at 10 Thursday morning.

The APB called for a large, fast moving, and elusive dog like animal.

"We didn't know where he was in the park," police said.

Three hours later, officers found and tranquilized the coyote.

Still the animal tried to run away before officers could carry him away.

The coyote caper reached a peaceful end with no one hurt and the coyote caged and calm.