Crews hit New York City streets to fix potholes

Anthony Johnson ran into a little trouble himself on the road Monday morning
February 10, 2014 3:09:01 AM PST
All the snow and ice is buckling roadways and creating another set of dangers for drivers. Pot holes are becoming such a problem that city workers can't get to them fast enough.

Dozens of crews were out on the streets around New York City over the weekend, scrambling to repair as many as possible as drivers tried to avoid them.

Triple A Tells Eyewitness News that New Yorkers spend an average of $670 per year repairing damage to their vehicles because of bad roads.

The city says it has filled more than 64,000 potholes across the five boroughs since the New Year, and it began addressing additional stretches of the Belt and Bronx River parkways beginning Sunday.

On Saturday, the DOT dispatched a year-high 50 crews, hitting all five boroughs and targeting residential streets and arterial roadways. Then on Sunday, an additional 15 crews focused on arterials, with additional efforts on residential streets citywide.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he's looking for long-term solutions.

"We haven't received the resources we used to, federally and from the state government for road repair, and we've had really tough weather conditions," he said.

In addition to the 65 crews and overnight work on the westbound Belt Parkway between Knapp Street and Flatbush Avenue, the DOT will be targeting additional work areas in the boroughs and along major arterials in the coming week.

Beginning Monday, as many as four specialized crews will address additional residential streets for resurfacing each day, including:

  • The Sheridan Expy. southbound service road between Westchester Ave. and Freeman St. and Exterior S. between E. 138th St. and 3rd Ave. in the Bronx.

  • 37th St. between 14th Ave. and 15th Ave. and 52nd St. between 16th Ave. and 17th Ave. in Brooklyn.

  • The Long Island Expy. eastbound service road between Little Neck Pkwy. and the Nassau Border and 149th St. at 27th Ave. in Queens.

  • South Ave. between Chelsea Rd. and Meredith Ave., Amboy Rd. between Page Ave. and Bedell St. and Richmond Terr. between Broadway and Van St. in Staten Island.

    Crews will also resurface additional portions of the eastbound Belt Parkway, between the Verrazano Bridge and Bay 8 Street.