Attorney General wants principal's sex harrassment case re-examined

February 10, 2014 3:25:01 PM PST
A principal on Long Island fired over allegations of sexual harassment made by a teacher is now fighting back.

He says she made up the allegations because he gave her a bad evaluation.

"I miss the kids. I miss the community, the parents, staff," said Darnel Powell, former principal.

Darnel Powell says not a day goes by that he doesn't miss being the principal of Westbury Middle School.

The district fired him in 2010 after two teachers accused him of sexual harassment.

He has always proclaimed his innocence.

"I often think or often wonder why these things were done to me, why these claims were made," Powell said.

Well now the New York State Attorney General's Office is telling the Department of Education it needs to take another look at Powell's case.

"This is a very solid development and it puts Mr. Powell in a position to tell his side of the story," said Chauncey Henry, Powell's attorney.

Powell's new attorney Chauncey Henry prepared a report for the Attorney General.

Pages upon pages which show inconsistencies in the teachers' stories and sworn testimony from a coworker of one of the teachers saying the accusations were false.

The woman says the teacher told her she made it all up because, "She was upset due to an anticipated poor teacher's evaluation by Powell. And that she did not intend for the situation to get as far as it did."

"I want my story to be heard. I want people to just come forward and tell the truth that's all I'm asking," Powell said.