Long Island special needs students left stranded, parents say

Kristin Thorne has the story from Plainview, LI.
February 14, 2014 3:16:14 PM PST
Parents of some special needs students on Long Island say their children were left stranded.

The bus company told them it was because roads weren't safe, but plenty of other buses were running.

"This is really disappointing and frustrating," said parent Ariel Farkash, who relies on the buses provide by We Transport to get her special needs son to school everyday.

Friday morning the bus company notified her that due to poor road conditions there would be no service but the school said it was in service starting regular time.

A similar thing happened to parent Philip Tavella.

"My oldest son, the bus pulls up with no issues and my younger one there's no bus," said Tavella.

Tavella had to frantically drop off his son at the Little Village School.

"When you get to the school you see parents stressed driving back and forth and especially special needs children they're delicate, they don't like they're schedules changed," he said.

We Transport is controlled by Servisair which operates out of a building in Jericho.

Servisair refused to comment to Eyewitness News.

What's strange is when we went to Farkash's son's school in Glen Cove around dismissal time, there were dozens of buses from other companies, but not one from We Transport.

Farkash says this isn't the first time she and other parents have had issues with the bus service.

"There's no protocol, there's no supervisors who take care of anything," Farkash said.

The company is monitored but not controlled by the Nassau County Department of Health.

The commissioner of the health department told us it's up to Servisair to make the calls.

He said "As far as making the decision, is it safe to transport children, that is what their business is."