At 111, oldest man in world lives on Upper West Side

Dr. Sapna Parikh interviews a 111-year-old man--the oldest alive--and gets his secrets to longevity. (WABC)
May 6, 2014 5:21:39 AM PDT
He's the oldest man in the world at 111 years young and he calls the Upper West Side home.

So what are his secrets to longevity?

Dr. Alexander Imich was surprised to learn he's now the oldest man in the world. It's an honor bestowed upon him after his predecessor in Italy recently passed away. Born in 1903, he's now 111.

"I don't know how did this happen but it simply does," he said.

Being active may be one secret to his longevity, he was an athlete for most of his life-- but he says he also loves to learn.

"I was studying, studying i was a scientist- a scientist and a sportsman," he said.

Even his friends are impressed.

"I think his great interest in continuous activity in something he loved made a big difference," said Trish Corbett.

As a friend for over 20 years Corbett says diet may have also played a role.

"He liked to eat everything but he ate a lot of vegetables he ate meat but he just didn't have a big appetite-- he ate like a little bird ever since I've known him," he adds.

But for now, he's still willing to indulge as he admitted to us that he loves ice cream.

One more secret to his long life may be that he and his late wife never had children.

The Polish immigrant turned New Yorker now lives in what was once the office of his late wife-- a therapist and painter.

Although he is the oldest man in the world, there are -according to the gerontology research group- 67 women older than him--which he says makes sense.

"Women are even more necessary," adds Imich.

Dr. Imich is proof it's never too late for a new project, he published a book on paranormal activity at the age of 92.

A sudden fall 2 months ago has been a setback, his friends say he tires more easily.

But at 111, there's one think he's still searching for: "I wanted to understand the universe and myself in it," he said.

But he knows he may not have all the answers in this lifetime.

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