Police officer pulls over teenager, helps him land job

CAHOKIA, Illinois (WABC) -- An act of kindness from an Illinois police officer is making a difference in the life of one teenager.

Officer Roger Gemoules was on patrol when he saw a young man driving a vehicle with a busted-out side window and expired license plates.

Once he was pulled over, Kshawn Ballwin told the officer he knew he shouldn't be driving the car, but he was on the way to a job interview at FedEx and could use some help.

Instead of writing tickets, Germoules decided to follow Ballwin home and then drove him to his job interview.

"Something came upon me. Whatever it was, God said 'give him a little break,' so that's what I did," Germoules said.

Ballwin is now employed. And after helping the young man, the officer says he feels he's made a better connection to his community.
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