Help 5-year-old Lillie win a special tandem bicycle

NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- A little girl in New Jersey is hoping to win a nationwide contest and she could use your help.

The 5-year-old can't walk, but her family hopes if they win a specially-made tandem bicycle she can experience her first bike ride.

"You're going to show them how you stand, yes you are," said Kristi Huff, Lillie's mother.

5-year-old Lillie Huff is the princess in her family. With her big brothers Benjamin and Ethan you can see the love and adventures they share with their mom and dad. But much of Lillie's day involves treatment.

When Kristi was 27 weeks pregnant, doctors discovered Lillie had suffered a stroke, which now since her birth, causes her lots of medical complications.

"She's had respiratory compromise, seizures, she can't eat by herself, she can't walk or talk, but she gets her point across," Huff said.

She loves adventure, which is why the Huff's are asking for help with winning $5,000 wheelchair bike in an online contest.

"To be able to go out with her brothers and her father and me on a family bike ride, she loves the breeze in her face. I can cry almost thinking about it. It would be amazing to give her that," Huff said.

She has a Facebook page, Love for Lillie. If you participate, you should know, "You'll get an email. It may go to spam or junk, but you have to confirm your email for the vote to count," Huff said.

It would be a great win for any family who could expand their togetherness, but we know about Lillie. The Huffs shared her story so we could share it with you.

"We're at crunch time. Last time I checked, we were in ninth place, we have nine more days to catch up," Huff said.

Check out Kristi's updates, as Lillie takes on life with her family.

"There's a lot of things she can't do, but it doesn't keep her down, she's a very happy girl," Huff said.

Learn more about how you can help Lillie win here:
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