Lipo patient gets refund runaround

BROOKLYN, NY (WABC) -- It cost $8,000 for laser liposuction for one woman to lose the baby weight she'd been fighting to shed. But then this young mom started to slim down on her own, but she says getting a refund on her down payment proved to be an even bigger battle.

Brooklyn mom Kerri-Ann Anderson keeps her boys and herself healthy with diet and exercise. But there was a time she didn't feel so great about her body.

"I had 2 C-sections and a doctor told me you know your stomach, even if you work out, will never go back to it's original state," Kerri-Ann said.

She started researching cosmetic surgery options online and found the website of New York Beauty Surgeon and Dr. Ayman Shahine.

"Liposuction, breast, face, tummy tucks. These are the most popular cosmetics procedures we do," touts the doctor on his own website.

"I thought it was the best thing," Kerri-Ann said. "I was going to check it out."

She made an appointment at the doctor's NY Laser Cosmetic Center in Herald Square, met with a consultant, and decided on a laser liposuction procedure.

"The total cost she said would be $8,000 and how much did you put down?" 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda asked.

"$1,000," Kerri-Ann said.

Kerri-Ann said she paid in cash and inquired about the office policy for refunds when she got this receipt.

"I asked the female at the front desk and she said it's fully refundable no problem," Kerri-Ann said.

But it turned into a problem after she changed her mind.

"I started second guessing and said maybe I should just do it the natural way," Kerri-Ann said.

So she called and asked for her $1,000 back. Kerri-Ann says that was two years ago.

"I tried everything under the sun to get my money back," Kerri-Ann said.

Then she tried 7 On Your Side, and we got in touch with the doctor who owns NY Laser Cosmetic Center.

"Two years and I'm so happy that I have my thousand dollars back," the Brooklyn mom said..

She gained the refund and wound up losing the weight without liposuction.

The doctor told 7 On Your Side both his office worker, who no longer works there, and he dropped the ball. He says he simply forgot to pay her. A company representative says patients who change their mind are "clearly entitled" to a refund. And the representative even thanked us for bringing this problem to his attention.

Full statement from NY Laser Cosmetic Center:
"Dr. Shahine is a fine clinician and takes great pride in his clinical skill, his office staff and his relationship with patients. Cosmetic surgeons like him are always sensitive to their patients' concerns and it's quite natural for one to have change of heart when it comes to cosmetic procedure...that's human nature and we embrace it. Patients who change their minds before treatment are clearly entitled to a refund. We thank 7 On Your Side for bringing this to our attention and helping us return her deposit. This is good for both of us. We feel for her and always wish her well."
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