'Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time': See who takes home GOAT title in Game 4

A winner has been crowned in the "Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time" tournament.

Warning: 'Jeopardy!' spoilers ahead!

Fifteen years after Ken Jennings became a household name with his 74-game winning streak, he claimed his latest title as G.O.A.T. in Game 4 of the competition Tuesday night. In addition to bragging rights, Jennings also takes home a $1 million prize.

Jennings outplayed James Holzhauer, who holds the record for all 15 of the top single-day winnings records, and Brad Rutter, the highest money winner of all time across any television game show.

THROWBACK: See the moment Ken Jennings' 2004 winning streak ended
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In 2004, Jennings ended his record 74-game winning streak when faced with a clue that finally tripped up.

Jennings entered Final Jeopardy! with 88,600 points. He wagered nothing, but was the only contestant to correctly answer "Who is Iago?" to the clue: "He has 272 speeches, the most of any non-title character in a Shakespeare tragedy."

Holzhauer, who wagered all of his 44,000 points, answered incorrectly with "Who is Horatio?". Rutter, who entered Final Jeopardy! with 1,400 points, wagered nothing and answered with "Who is You're the best, Alex!"

"It's true, and I should get credit for it!" Rutter added.

After the first week of competition wrapped, Jennings needed only one more victory to win the epic multi-night tournament. In this tournament, the contestants earn points in each game instead of dollars as in a regular "Jeopardy!" show. With two games in each match, the contestants' earnings are combined for a grand total at the end of each night.

In between rounds, social media lit up when Holzhauer took a friendly jab at Rutter as the scores were reset.

"Hey, Brad's score is still up there," Holzhauer said, pointing to the "0" on his board.

"It's gotten to be that kind of competition," Trebek quipped.

Holzhauer, who scored a win in Game Two, and Brad Rutter, who had no wins in the competition, each take home $250,000 for playing.
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