7 On Your Side makes house call to solve contractor controversy

LINCROFT, New Jersey (WABC) -- A New Jersey dentist said it was like pulling teeth getting his contractor to finish the job.

The doctor paid thousands for a light-up sign, but his hopes dimmed after his contractor skipped for more than a half a year.

It was time for 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda to make a house call and ease this dentist's pain in the wallet.

Dentist Mitchel Freidman is not smiling over this decay out front his Lincroft practice. He said his contractor left an eyesore, rusty half-finished signs have been eating away at them like a cavity.

The patients that sit in his dentist's chair look out of this garbage-strewn job site. Nearly a year ago, Freidman contracted with a local sign maker to enhance his practice's curb appeal on busy Newman Springs Road.

Freidman said after digging and laying some foundation last summer, the contractor stopped working on the light-up displays.

The Friedmans gave the contractor a deposit, $7,725, half the cost of the project up front. But eight months later, all they've got are rusty poles, crooked stonework and excuses.

Those excuses include everything from kidney stones to family vacations and car accidents.

7 On Your Side contacted the contractor about the dissatisfied dentist. He said personal problems were to blame for the delay, but within a day, he was back on the job.

Three weeks later, the new signs were complete and passed inspection, finally something this dentist can smile about.


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