Amy Fisher's six-figure sex tape deal

Husband sold tape to Red Light District in Los Angeles
NEW YORK Fisher's husband Lou Bellera sold the sex tape to Red Light District video of Los Angeles in August when he and Fisher were getting a divorce. They have since reconciled, and Fisher filed a federal lawsuit to get the video pulled from the Internet, saying it was given without her permission.

Since being released, the video is number one in porn tape downloads.

Fisher said tongue in cheek, "I always wanted to be number one at something, but I didn't think it would be something like this."

She said the video is out there, and it's easier to settle for an amount that "was enough to ease my embarrassment," than fight.

She says "I can't ignore it, sitting in my house pretending it doesn't exit, because it does exist."

Fisher has tried to go legit since her teen-age affair with then 36-year-old Joey Buttafuoco in 1992, and then serving seven years in prison for shooting his wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

But she says she can't shake her past.

Fisher wrote one book in prison. She wrote another since getting out, and also worked as a columnist for the Long Island Press.

However her notoriety has the 33-year-old being invited as celebrity guests at various clubs.

"They pay me to bring in people," she says, the day before she's going to work as a guest D-J at Retox, a nightspot on Manhattan's West Side.

She admits explaining what she does and why she's famous will be hard to do when her six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter get older.

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