Emperor's Club: The web site behind the Spitzer scandal

March 12, 2008 5:58:20 PM PDT
We are learning more about the high-end web site involved in the prostitution bust tied to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. The Investigators Jim Hoffer has been working on that part of the story.It does appear that wired-tapped communications are at the heart of this case involving the governor, along with an international prostitution ring with possible links to the Gambino crime family. And the U.S. Attorney's Office apparently has evidence linking him as a high-paying client.

This elite prostitution ring is alleged to have served clients from New York, to Washington, Miami to Paris. The complaint from the U.S. Attorney's office charges four people with "conducting prostitution and money laundering crimes." And now, apparently, among the Emperor's Club clientele is Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Federal prosecutors apparently informed the governor last Friday that he was now part of the prostitution probe.

"It is national in scope," said former prosecutor David Schwartz on Monday. "It's high end and apparently they have a lot of high profile people that have somehow gotten caught in this web."

THE U.S. attorney's affidavit centers in part on "client number 9," which sources say refers to Governor Spitzer.

Quoting, "Client 9 would be paying for everything, train tickets cab fare from the hotel and back, mini bar and hotel. It goes on to say that client 9 repeated that .... "Maybe he would give Kristen $2,600 and have a thousand in the balance."

"If he used it on government time," Schwarz said, "Let's say and he took trips to Washington to be involved in this prostitution ring somehow... It's just shocking and it's something that certainly the prosecutors are going to go after."