Gamer calls for cease-fire with video games

December 17, 2012 2:31:07 PM PST
The tragic events in Newtown are once again putting the spotlight on video games.

In fact, one local gamer is calling for at least a one day cease-fire.

This gamer website founder doesn't think violent video games are to blame, but is just asking for people to hit the pause button on shooting out of respect for the victims.

But there's plenty of chatter on the air and in social media debating the connection;' five of the top seven video games selling on Amazon all involve violence.

Video games involving graphic realistic killing top the list of gifts every Christmas.

But outside a Game Stop in the Bronx, Stephanie Martinez said she won't stuff anyone stockings with items that involve guns this season.

The tragedy in Newtown is reviving the debate; is gaming violence making people more aggressive?

"Think about it. This was a crime that was more than a mass shooting. He killed these people like an arcade game," said Dr. Michael Welner, forensic psychiatrist.

Dr. Michael Welner used the word "dehumanization" on "The View" Monday, and Chief strategist to President Obama David Axelrod tweeted last night after a shoot 'em up video game ad aired during NFL postgame, "All for curbing weapons of war. But shouldn't we also quit marketing murder as a game?"

Although the founder of Gamer Fit Nation, a website promoting physical and mental fitness among gamers, is calling for a day of ceasefire this Friday, he remains adamant video games are not the problem.

Antwand Pearman who's known in gamer circles as "Black Bible" travels the country to celebrity gaming events to promote wellness.

The father of three believes parents, not the videogames are responsible for how children will act.

Another, Defenders of Video Games, posted on the issue Monday and said before video games we blamed toy guns, spankings and violent cartoons for violence.

How tame all of that seems now in comparison to the realistic killing you can do with today's most popular games.

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