Increased Super Bowl security along Hudson River

Jim Hoffer has the investigation.
January 20, 2014 3:37:50 PM PST
For many folks in our area, their interest is not how many hotel rooms will be filled during the Super Bowl, it's how well security will work.

Police will be patrolling the Hudson River as part of the beefed up security.

It is the nearly one-mile stretch of waterway along Jersey City's Hudson River shoreline that poses one of the top security concerns during Super Bowl Week. Within this zone sits The Hyatt Hotel and the Weston Hotel where the Seahawks and the Broncos will be staying and where the State Police Marine Unit will keep a round-the-clock watch.

"To make sure no one is conducting suspicious activity or do anything to disrupt their stay at those hotels," said Lt. Col. Ed Cetnar, NSJP Super Bowl Incident Commander.

These high speed boats are well-equipped with counter-terrorism technology from radiological detection to infra-red sensors.

One boat is equipped with extremely sensitive sonar that they will be using during Super Bowl week to look for underwater explosives. It was instrumental in the summer of 2009 in finding the black box in that airplane-helicopter mid-air collision over the Hudson River.

"How sensitive is it?" Eyewitness News Investigative Reporter Jim Hoffer asked.

"Extremely sensitive, extremely. We can pick up very small targets and send divers down to recover whatever it is," said Staff Sgt. Chris Wozniak, NJ State Police.

Another waterside concern exists on the back-end of Met Life Stadium.

"Our marine bureau will be in and around those waterways at different choke points to take away vulnerability points so that if anyone tried to access it they are going to meet with New Jersey State Police vessels," Cetnar said.

It's a maritime force that will have high-visibility on all waterways near Jersey's Super Bowl events.


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