3 teens, 12-year old shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Tim Fleischer has the latest details from Williamsburg.
March 15, 2014 6:02:42 AM PDT
Police are searching for two gunmen who opened fire on a Brooklyn street Friday night, wounding three teenagers and a 12-year old boy.

It happened on the 200 block of South 2nd Street in Williamsburg. The four boys were all hit in the leg, but none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Detectives working the case are now trying to figure out not only who shot four young boys along South 2nd Street, but why?

One of the victims was 17 years old, two were 14 years old, and another was 12 years old.

"There are a lot of people shot. About five shot up and down the street, and everybody was scared," said deli worker Aherif Awavy.

Suddenly, gunshots, neighbors say echoed through the narrow streets in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

When Bermudez ran from his apartment to the street, he saw a young man on the ground. He first thought it was his nephew, but it wasn't.

"I thought it was my nephew," said Williamsburg resident Ceasar Bermudez, "my nephew has been in the street a lot, so I got really scared."

The young man got shot in his right leg. Bermudez says there were already people helping him by the time he saw him.

"The police and the ambulance came real quick," adds Bermudez.

Police are now looking for two shooters who apparently fled the scene.

Neighbors say the shooting is unusual, because the area is usually pretty quiet. The crack of gunfire is something they do not hear.