Family, friends celebrate life of Barnard student Tessa Majors

Sunday, December 22, 2019
Family, friends celebrate life of Barnard student Tessa Majors
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Naveen Dhaliwal has more.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia -- On Saturday, family and friends celebrated the life of murdered Barnard student, Tessa Majors.

Funeral services were held in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Majors was from. It was a private ceremony that showcased her love of music, her life, her teaching and the legacy she is leaving in her 18 years.

Her vibrancy is now in their hearts, as the teen was killed in Morningside Park last week during a robbery. Detectives are still working to find out who did it.

So far a 13-year-old was charged as a minor, and a 14-year-old is on the run. Police released three photos of a teenager, who they won't identify, but say they want to speak to - all to find justice for Majors' family, who through the sorrow, are pushing hard to find the tears of joy.

Majors' family are grateful to be a part of this girl, who found the true meaning of life so quickly in her short time here.

Majors said, 'learn to embrace your vulnerability, and the world will open up to so many new opportunities and expected friendships.'

True words from a powerful young soul.