Rapper Big Boi brings the "wow" in new Hulu series 'Big RV Remix'

OutKast's Big Boi and his business partner showcase their over-the-top big vehicle renovations in their new series.

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Friday, July 21, 2023
Rapper Big Boi brings the "wow" in new Hulu series 'Big RV Remix'
OutKast's Big Boi and biz partner Janice Faison give new meaning to "wheel estate" with their new renovation show 'Big RV Remix.'

LOS ANGELES -- If you're looking for a binge watch to beat that summer heat, you might want to check out "Big RV Remix." Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, from the iconic rap group OutKast, and his business partner Janice Faison take the renovation game into high gear as they remodel RVs, buses, sprinter vans, and as Faison told On The Red Carpet, "anything on wheels!"

Faison is the main designer. Big Boi brings what they call the "wow" factor to each project.

The two go way back. Faison was an assistant to OutKast in the group's heyday. She then became Big Boi's assistant manager. The two then partnered to start Celebrity Trailers, a luxury RV rental company for the entertainment industry. Their work overhauling vehicles for celebs like Ludacris, Diddy, Rick Ross, and Tyler Perry got people's attention and now they're branching out and they're showing everyone how it's done with their new series.

Big Boi, who is no stranger to the spotlight, said he was initially reluctant to join the world of reality TV. "But at the same time our business has been thriving for 12 years and people were interested in seeing the process of how we got from A to B to making them look so plush and luxurious so we weren't gonna keep all the sauce to ourselves, so we decided to do it."

The season shows the two, and their team reimagining vehicles for students, entrepreneurs, family friends and Shaquille O'Neal! Big Boi was even gifted an RV in an episode Janice said was one of her favorites.

"That was real touching for me. I think I cried in that episode," Faison said.

Big Boi's favorite re-do was for a young student who's teaching kids financial literacy. He said their design was "like the money bus and we built a mini Wall Street on this bus and it's just super dope."

You can see more of our interview with Big Boi and Janice Faison in the video above.

All ten episodes of "Big RV Remix" are streaming now on Hulu.

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