Plane etiquette: Grammy-nominated gospel singer Bobbi Storm says she almost got kicked off flight

ByMorgan Norwood ABCNews logo
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Grammy-nominated gospel singer Bobbi Storm nearly kicked off flight
Spreading the gospel didn't go over so well for Grammy-nominated singer Bobbi Storm while on a Delta flight.

Grammy-nominated gospel singer, Bobbi Storm, said she was nearly kicked off a flight because she wouldn't stop singing.

"You need to sit down and be quiet," a flight attendant could be heard telling Storm in a video.

"I'll sit down but the seat belt sign is off," the singer responded.

A video captured the moment Storm is approached by a Delta crew member for getting out of her seat and singing in the aisle after she said the plane returned to the gate for a maintenance issue.

"I just found out I'm up for two Grammy's. My very first time you guys," Storm told those on the plane.

The clip, which was posted to her Instagram Saturday, shows the crew member coming back a second time when she allegedly didn't comply with instructions.

"I'm your flight leader and I need you to follow my instruction," the flight attendant said. "My instruction were for you to answer my question."

Storm is a gospel singer featured on Maverick City Music's Grammy nominated album, "The Maverick Way."

While she wasn't taken off the flight, her video is generating a fresh debate over plane etiquette. One user writing "The plane is not a stage," while another said, "Don't let anyone steal your joy, Amen."

"Clearly there were people who were uncomfortable, Others who probably enjoyed her singing -- lovely voice -- but there was a time and a place," said Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert and founder of the Protocol School of Texas.

Delta told ABC News they have "been in contact with the customer," adding that "for the safety of our customers and crew, it's always important to follow crew instructions."