'Wish Upon a Wedding' gives woman battling cancer dream wedding

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Friday, October 3, 2014
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Lauren Glassberg has the story.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It's a dream come true for a couple whose dreams have too often been put on hold.

They're getting married; it's something they've put off because of her battle with cancer, which has drained their money and their emotions.

Friday night, thanks to the generosity of strangers and with their kids by their sides they're finally getting hitched.

It is a beautiful setting for an outdoor ceremony, and Friday night, Damaris Cortes and Sean Morales from the Lower East Side are tying the knot.

It's happening in Midtown at a wedding that almost didn't happen because of health reasons.

"I had surgery in November, a lumpectomy, and they said the margins were no longer clean," Cortes said.

She's had four surgeries, and their plans to get married took a back seat.

"We were looking at getting the dress and looking at venues, and once I got diagnosed I put the brakes on," Cortes said.

But then in January, the urge to commit to each other tugged hard and that's when Cortes discovered "Wish Upon a Wedding".

"Wish Upon a Wedding is a national charity that provides free and complimentary weddings to couples in dire circumstances such as a health crisis or personal crisis in their lives," said Julie Goldman, of "Wish Upon a Wedding".

In the six years since "Wish Upon a Wedding" started, it's thrown 65 weddings, 14 of them for breast cancer survivors like Cortes.

"Wish Upon a Wedding" plans the entire event. It's a wonderful chance for vendors in the business to give back.

"I love it. It is like a princess fairy tale," Cortes said.

Every single element of this wedding is donated. If you added it all up it would cost about $60,000 making this a dream come true.

It's a wedding that Sean and Damaris couldn't have afforded but definitely deserve.

Now, they'll be celebrating with 50 of their closest family and friends including their two daughters.

"All the rough times we have a good happy moment it feels great," Cortes said.

"As long as she's happy, I'm happy," Morales said.

Cortes is scheduled for another surgery in two weeks, making those vows of in sickness and in health all the more meaningful.

For more information please visit: http://wishuponawedding.org/