Hang on! The Bronx Zoo unveils a new Treetop Adventure

ByDave Alter WABC logo
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Bronx zoo Treetop adventure and zipline
See what it's like to zipline across the Bronx River.

BRONX ZOO (WABC) -- High up in the trees above the Bronx Zoo, you can take on one of the biggest challenges you'll ever experience. The Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure takes you on a climbing experience that will test your every skill and then take you flying down a 400 foot zip line across the Bronx River as you hang on for dear life.

If you embark on this adventure, your first stop is admission. The two hour climb is $64.95. The zipline is $34.95 and it is $74.95 for the combo.

Your next stop is base camp.

The Treetop Adventure uses state of the art harness equipment and instructors to give you a 25-minute course on safety and how to properly use the equipment. Once you're suited up with a harness it's time to make your assent into the trees.

Cameraman Dave Alter came with me to document the challenge for the both of us.

There are seven aerial courses. Two beginner, two intermediate, two advanced and one expert. Each course has between eight and twelve skill challenges.

Between each platform there are any number of different obstacles: wobbly bridges, tight rope walks, ladders, smaller zip lines, and even one with a saddle.

The treetop adventure runs about two hours and is scheduled by appointment and instructors follow your progress from the ground. You might be under the shaded canopy of the forest, but the course is quite a workout.

At the end of our climb came one of the shorter zip lines. Then the adventure continued with the main event: the 400 foot zip line.

Once you leave the platform you start racing towards the Bronx River. As I started heading up the landing pad, I started to twist around. That was scary! But, a braking system kicks in and crew members are there to catch you when you land.

You get two runs on this zipline. So, after the first run you head upstairs to a second higher tower where you get ready for the next run. As I slide off the deck the second time around, I realized I could now check this off my bucket list.

It's definitely a ride you won't forget.