All aboard the meditation bus for a relaxing escape

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018
All aboard the meditation bus for a relaxing escape
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Lauren Glassberg reports on the meditation bus.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- When you think of streets in New York City, you probably think of traffic, honking, and maybe a little yelling.

But now you can find peace and quiet, in the most unlikely place.

No need to swipe your MetroCard for the Be Time Bus. This bus is all about meditation.

It's been soundproofed and filled with 15,000 led lights, providing a relaxing, calm escape.

Grab a seat and start to clear the mind through guided meditation.

Carla Hammond came up with the idea in part to find a quiet space (away from her 4-year-old twins) and to make meditation more approachable and accessible.

The idea of the bus was born from seeing so many food trucks throughout New York City.

Be Time rides into a different neighborhood each day. Classes are 15-30 minutes long. It's $11 for a 15 minute session.