'The Call of The Wild': Sandy Kenyon says film brings back childhood memories

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Watching "The Call of the Wild" with a theater filled with kids brings me back to childhood memories and recalling fondly what it was like to go to the movies as a young lad -- and I think my young self would have really liked this movie.

The first movie I ever saw was "Bambi," but it was another Disney picture, a live-action movie called "The Incredible Journey," that inspired me the year I turned 7 years old.

The two canine stars and the feline in that film were real animals who had to be taught to do each stunt, but Buck was created in a computer for "The Call of The Wild."

Harrison Ford's name is above the title, and he narrates this new movie, but Buck is the star. He is first seen causing havoc in a genteel Southern home before a dognapper swipes him to be sold as a sled dog who must learn how to mush while delivering mail in rural Alaska during the 1800s.

The great Yukon Gold Rush is on, and that means not everyone is nice.

Buck and Ford's character meet early, but they are separated for much of the first half before they team up when Buck's sled dog days are behind him.

Both man and beast find their best selves through their relationship, and though each are placed in peril, what happens is never too harsh, never too intense for kids.

Some who are parents of tweens know it can be tough to find films that intrigue them, yet don't bore you. "The Call of The Wild" is just such a film, and part of the fun watching this will be watching your kids enjoy the picture.

It's from 20th Century, owned by the same parent company as ABC7.

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