Police: Man, woman go on destructive rampage at Cedarhurst gas station

CEDARHURST, Long Island (WABC) -- It was 9:45 on Saturday night. A couple wandered to the back of a Shell Service Station on Long Island, where they browse the soda coolers, and then decide on something to drink.

Moments later, the couple is at the counter, when suddenly the woman knocks over a display. Police say the couple became enraged when the clerk told them he does not sell slushies.

The clerk throws a soda bottle, and it is pandemonium. The man flies into a rage, ransacking the counter, tossing the lotto machine, and pelting the clerk with anything he can get his hands on. '

One witness told police that as the couple hurled plastic gallons of anti-freeze, they hurled anti-Muslim slurs. The clerk, who is a Muslim from Pakistan, was not injured.

The Shell Station is on Rockaway Turnpike in Cedarhurst. The owner , G.S. Singh is furious, and said the woman was urging the man to attack the clerk.

"She was telling him, 'kill him, kill him', that's what she was saying," Singh said, "last 30...31 years I am here, never happened like this."

The melee was captured on four different surveillance cameras.
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