Clarinetist wins lawsuit after ex-girlfriend faked rejection letter in apparent bid to stay together

QUEBEC, Canada -- A Canadian college student has won a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, who allegedly plotted to derail his career.

The Coburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles sent Eric Abramovitz an email on March 27, 2014, offering the clarinetist a full scholarship. But he never got it.

He says his live-in girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Lee, deleted it without his knowledge.

Lee allegedly set up a fake email address to refuse the offer and make it appear as though he was rejected.

It was all in an apparent bid to force him to stay close to her.

The judge called her conduct despicable and awarded Abramovitz $350,000 Canadian dollars in damages, which converts to $266,483 in U.S. currency.

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