Renowned climber ascends to top of obstacle that almost killed him 18 years ago

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Monday, April 18, 2016
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A renowned climber returns to the place where he nearly died.

Eighteen years after he nearly died, climber Paul Pritchard returned to the Totem Pole to finish what he started.

In February 1998, Pritchard attempted to ascend the dangerous, 213-foot-tall sea stack off the coast of Tasmania. As he began to make his ascent, a large rock came unhinged and struck Pritchard's head, leaving a hole measuring 10 centimeters. The climber had to wait for 10 hours while cerebral fluid leaked from his head before a rescue team could arrive. The ordeal resulted in him losing the function of an arm and leg.

Pritchard returned to the Totem Pole with a team of 10 people to aid him in his new quest to reach the top. He was able to videotape his climb and is hoping to produce a film about his journey in the coming years.